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What Are Twitch Partner Requirements

November 28, 2022 Bit Converter Season 1 Episode 1
Bit Converter's Podcast
What Are Twitch Partner Requirements
Show Notes

Do you enjoy watching others play video games? If so, learning about Twitch Partner Program is a must!

To unlock your full streaming potential, you will want to work toward getting into the Twitch partner program.

You will receive several new benefits and networking opportunities with other cool people.

Continue reading to discover more about the Twitch Partner Program and how you can become a part of it.

What is a Twitch Partner?
Twitch partners are creators the company considers exceptionally valuable and ambitious.

To gain a relationship with Twitch, it had to overcome many obstacles and establish itself as an extraordinarily trustworthy streamer with a solid community.

The Twitch partnership is, in a sense, the operator's reward for those who commit entirely to the Creator's task and are prepared to go the proverbial additional mile for their goal.

Aside from being an extremely influential figurehead, becoming a partner is also the most effective and profitable method to generate money from streaming.

Partner cheermotes and bit badges can be customized. Twitch partners share money from bits at a rate of about one cent per bit.

We can compute revenue from bits by converting bits to USD with the twitch bits converter.

What Are the Twitch Partner Requirements?
Once you have acquired Twitch Affiliate status, you must first complete the "Path to Partner" Achievement on your Achievements Dashboard to get Partner status.

The following are the achievement's minimal requirements: 

  1. Consistently stream for 25 hours (the last 30 days).
  2. Stream on 12 separate occasions.
  3. 75 viewers on average 

While the essential criteria may appear simple at first glance, long-term Twitch partners will tell you differently.

To be clear, completing the accomplishment does not guarantee that you will become a Twitch partner.

It just implies that you will be able to apply for said Twitch relationship.

What Are the Steps to Becoming Twitch Partner?
To become a Twitch Partner, you must meet the basic standards and apply them, but much effort is involved.

The partner status offers both advantages and disadvantages. You'll need to produce high-quality material and new videos virtually every day.

Step 1: Create or Join a Community
Most video games already have a fandom; join one. Feel free to promote your stream in such communities, as most will be delighted to have a fresh face.

Make instructions or mini-contests with in-game stuff as prizes.

Step 2: Create and Promote Social Media Accounts
Outside the Twitch platform, promote yourself by searching for groups on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or wherever you need to look.

Create a Discord server where fans may join, chat, and advertise your stream.

Step 3: Talk to your viewers
While engaging in a game is essential for achieving status on the site, so is conversing with the spectators.

Consider your favorite streamers: they all have methods to interact with Twitch viewers, from bespoke chat badges to nicknames for their fans.

Step 4: Remind Your Viewers That You Need Their Support
Subscriptions enable you to earn a livelihood; requesting subscriptions or others to share your stuff is not unethical.

Step 5: Go to the Creator's Camp
It will be good to take advantage of the resources Twitch provides to all of their streamers, such as the makers camp.

Our Thoughts
Becoming a partner demonstrates that your channel is on the correct route. With ongoing effort, you must continue to engage your visitors and expand your channel over